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Tales of Healing from a Renewable Llama Ranch

Volume 1, October 2002. Llamas and Humans Mutually Contributing to the Well-Being of Our Life.
This collection of stories describes the early years of the Director's life with the llamas and their integration into her healing practices and therapy with children and families.

Volume 2, October 2006, All Life in Synergistic Healing.
This collection of stories piece together how birth, death, and Spirit have woven together to resolve loss and herald a commitment to love and kindness at the ranchito.

Volume 3, to be published in 2019.
Contains a collection of the director's activist papers.

Volume 4, to be published in 2020.
Contains the Director’s observations of life in Northern New Mexico and reflections on the final years at Llama Deara.

Each volume is $8.00. Please specify which volume(s) you would like when you contact Llama Deara [email protected] to order.

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