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Follow the underlined links below for professional papers. stories, and articles by Hannah-Leigh Bull. They collect some of the experiences that have led to her understanding of and gratitude for the healing power and instinct of animals, especially llamas. They also describe a respect for the Earth, her self-healing and self-regenerating qualities, and how she can teach us to nurture and bring ourselves into balance.

Professional Papers

"Animal-Assisted Programs to Develop Empathy In Children: Improving Self-Image, Peer Relations, and Academic Performance" was presented at the International Society for Anthrozoology/Human Animal Interaction Conference in Kansas City, MO on October 23, 2009. The complete paper (780 KB) is available, as well as the conference presentation (153 KB).

"PTSD in the Family: Breaking the Cycle Through Alternative Approaches" was presented at the biyearly conference of the 2006 National Rural Women’s Health Conference, in San Antonio, TX during November 2006. It is available as a pdf file (453 KB).

Learning to Love More

"A Community-Wide Program to Promote Child Safety, Health, and Creative Wonder: Learning to Love More" was presented at the yearly conference of the National Association for Rural Mental Health, in Honolulu, Hawaii in August 2005. The complete paper (41 KB) is available, as well as the conference presentation (372 KB).

"A Brief Look at the Story of Bullying" presentation pdf (156 KB) is the second in the Learning to Love More series.

the Life of Llama Deara's Joseph

February 8, 2004 - February 16, 2004

Birth of Kwan Yin's Blessing

October 25, 2003
Life and Times of ESG
Cospecies Healing
Permaculture Blessings
Llamas as Teachers and Allies

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