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the Director

Director and Staff

Hannah-Leigh Bull started as a Yoga teacher, running an ashram before turning to premedical and language studies. She worked as a translator in the U.S. and Europe and later as a graduate instructor and advisor, and writer and project manager in business. In the 1980s and 1990s, she focused more of her attention on the healing arts, earth and human regeneration, and diversity in human, plant, and animal communities. Since establishing Llama Deara Ranch in 2000, she has fine-honed her awareness and spiritual practices to develop a love of self in her life, which in large part forms her work with others.

She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Licensed K-12 School Counselor, and works with individuals, couples, and families to maintain balance between the laughter and seriousness within themselves and their relationships and communities. In addition to her work at the ranchito, she works as a holistic health therapist at Synergy Family Practice and Holistic Health Center in the local village of El Rito and in Santa Fe at the Center for Spiritual Living.

Other experiences resulted in advanced degrees in Intercultural Communication, Translation, and Counseling Psychology, research in interspecies communication, and long-term community living. She has lived and traveled extensively abroad, which has contributed to her commitment to the promotion of cultural traditions in harmony with the universal values of respect for all creatures and the dignity of all life.

Her current focus is on providing an individual retreat space, leveraging the sanctuary of Llama Deara to uplift and strengthen others. Her holistic health counseling and consultations seek to clarify communications from the client's gut, heart, and head and shed light on possible changes to bring balance and well being to clients' lives.

Orange Flake

As recreation director, she promotes a playful spirit in all through spontaneous games of catch, hide-and-seek, and Boo!

Orange Flake


The spirit of the resident guard cat, Spaulding, keeps a watchful eye on all ranch happenings, while subtly modeling the advantages of relaxation therapy.

Earl Spaulding Gray

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