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Retreats, Holistic Health Counseling, and Specialized Services

Restorative Environment and Retreats

In the natural setting of the regenerative farm at Llama Deara Ranch, the Chama River wrestles with and cleanses our places of rigidity and living creatures gather to remember laughter and lightheartedness and learn more nurturing and restorative practices. Llama Deara Ranch is an ideal spot to plan a retreat or prepare for and complete a focused course of psychotherapy or holistic health practices. It has a quiet and contemplative ambiance, at the same time as being located in a diverse region geographically and culturally.

The experience of pain and suffering influences many of our lives and growth patterns. Life can be painful. Llama Deara offers another choice to the suffering, however, providing a living laboratory to compare various approaches to learning and communicating with one's self and with all of life.

As such, the Llama Deara staff promotes self-care, self-nurturing, and humor in helping visitors create their own experiential formats for learning through individual and group process and art work, both contemplative and nature-assisted work, and communion with the vast natural ecologies that populate this land.

Journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Empowerment

Many of us struggle with our minds and hearts, trying valiantly to attain moments of contentment, but often finding ourselves again immersed in the automatic responses of our chorus of thoughts and feelings, confusion, uneasiness, and that uncomfortable feeling of being stuck - in our lives, relationships, and our selves.

Through the practice of self-awareness, we can see an easing of this roller coaster ride. The Director works with individuals, couples, and families to develop their self-awareness, discover their true selves, and improve their relationships with self and others. The process of re-establishing our internal sense of power and joy of life is organic and nonlinear, requiring time, commitment, and an acceptance of and education in mis-steps. In many respects, the journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment is lifelong work, nurturing play, and laughter.

With over two decades in the education and holistic health professions, the Director has trained in and fine-honed a number of healing modalities, especially the integration of cognitive and emotional understanding and expression through body, writing, art, and speaking. From her extensive training and certifications in body-oriented psychotherapy and trauma processing, and her longtime spiritual focus has emerged a holistic and mindful approach to healing, which she adapts to the needs and goals of visitors and students at Llama Deara.

Hannah-Leigh considers herself more a fellow traveler who can coach you through life challenges and experiences, as appropriate. As a holistic practitioner, she works with clients on their habits of mind, heart, body, and spirit - how their thought patterns and emotional reactions have paved the way to behavior that no longer serves them, how their body has restructured itself to accommodate afflictive feelings and behaviors, how their spirit can rally to use focused awareness to refine self-empowerment and intuition, and how the three brains represented by head, gut, and heart collaborate as the executive team helping us to decide the course of our lives.

The journey of self-discovery results in better understanding of our primary relationships with family and partners. Often through the courageous work of identifying ourselves and learning more about our response to loved ones, we express deep feelings, such as grief, anger, depression, loneliness, and isolation. The Director can help her clients learn to provide space and respect for these feelings, express love and compassion more freely, and when the moment is appropriate, begin to forgive. She can offer support in the establishment of lifestyle changes and self-care.

The Director believes that each of us holds the answers within, and from this perspective, works with clients to recover their own internal resources, strength, and wisdom. Because powerlessness, illness, and discomfort are dysfunctions of the whole person, she addresses her work with you holistically, integrating the cognitive, emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and ethical.

As we become more whole, as we learn more about what motivates us and the dreams that populate our minds and hearts, our relationships with self and others begin to glow, we experience more equanimity and clarity, and we lead our lives with a sense of inner power, direction, and pleasure.

The Director has developed a course of personal development called Life Balance Training. Both day sessions and residential intensives and workshops are available for this work at Llama Deara.

Holistic Health Education and Counseling

The Director's collaborative approach to the therapeutic process respects that each individual is the ultimate authority in his or her life and the one who knows his or her self the best. As such, clients work with the Director and staff as they seek to integrate their well being on many levels, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, ethical, and political. The vision is to inspire clients and visitors to restore their sense of empowerment and influence over their lives and responses to circumstances, and to direct their creativity to fine-honing their current path. Clients and visitors can gain a strong sense of self care, love, nurturing, and worth. The ultimate intention is that clients and visitors will see that the empowerment of their lives is in their hands, that they are capable of being the captain of their soul and master of their fate, and that the gift of life is precious.

As we evolve, the valuable asset in the physical body seems to become all the more apparent. The collaboration of the three brains that provide us with potential guidance and wisdom seems to strengthen over time. The heart, gut, and head form a soulful triumvirate that can help us make empowering choices for our lives if we learn to listen to their messages. Much of the therapeutic and educational work at Llama Deara is body oriented, improving listening and communication in the executive team within us, which also translates into effective ways to develop relationships in the outside world. Cognitive-emotional processing and mindfulness experiences are used to this end, with attention to areas of nourishment on all levels, nutrition, holistic remedies, self love and friendship, and an understanding and actualization of life purpose.

Additionally, the magic and abundant diversity of the human, animal, and plant cultures at Llama Deara encourage children, families, and individuals to grow and learn quickly. Clients themselves, or in conjunction with the Director, devise their own experiments in communication with nature, and via mindfulness practices, science, art, and their relationships. Additionally, the Llama Deara staff addresses the management of relationship stress in families and parents, as an important factor in robust health for all.

The resident animals participate in this work wherever possible. Our relationships with animals often reflect our relationships with other humans. Some of the family or couple dynamic is revealed through interaction with the wild and domestic animals that live at Llama Deara. Other species also model the basics of family system theory and practice, and can show us how to recover from missteps, with a little comic relief in the process!

The Director organizes workshops at Llama Deara for children and youth from day schools and residential treatment centers. Sample curricula from these workshops are available, for example, an empathy-building program for grade schoolers, and a self esteem-building program for adolescents.

Earth-Based Process

Earth-based process is exploratory work that seeks to reconcile our collective uneasiness about the state of the Earth. In this work, we take steps to heal our relationship with the Earth, other animals, and plant life, by reconnecting with ourselves, other living things, and nature. Sacred circles, ceremony, games, dance and play, art, multicultural exchanges, and meditation are some of the ways we can synthesize our experience as individual humans with the experience of all creation.

In the West, traditional psychotherapy has tended to address the discomfort of an individual separately from his or her environment. In recent years, healing practices are becoming more holistic and integral. As we heal our relationship with the Earth, we naturally address our own wounds and develop a closer relationship with ourselves. The Earth is a self-regenerating and self-healing entity who can teach us how to nurture and heal ourselves. Many of us have not learned how to care for ourselves, and the deeper the exploration of our relationship to the Earth, the greater our connection to our inner selves and the recognition of our lovable natures.

Specialized Services

The Director can provide individual sessions and workshops in the following areas (move the cursor over a service for a short summary):

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$100/hour, and as negotiated for work Director does before sessions

The Director is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in New Mexico and California and the New Mexico State Board of Education also has licensed her as a Level One K-12 School Counselor. She is credentialed with a number of insurance carriers, who may cover traditional psychotherapies and counseling in some cases. License numbers are available by request.

Group rates, longer retreats, intensives, workshops, and daylong fieldtrips for school-age kids are possible.

Individual writing and presentation projects can be negotiated under specific contracts.

Call, write, or email for more information.


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