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The llamas have moved to another property in the area and cannot be visited at Llama Deara Ranch.

The following text and images provide a reminder of their significance.

What About Our Furry Llama Friends?

Llamas! These strange and beautiful creatures can teach us a lot - like mutual respect and tolerance. They are non-aggressive, intelligent, and serene animals that have a soothing and peaceful affect on humans. Llamas respect the boundaries of all creatures, and they donít send mixed messages: If you do something they donít like, they simply walk away.

Llamas are camelids that originated in the Western part of North America about 10 million years ago, and migrated over the Bering Strait to Asia where they developed into the camel. Others migrated south to the Andes, where they evolved into the llamas whom we know today. Three other species of camelids - the alpaca, guanaco, and vicuna - are native to South America and are cousins to the llama. Llamas are adaptable to varying habitats, from sea level to 15,000 ft in elevation and thrive in cold temperatures and extreme weather.

Why Integrate Llamas Into Your Life?

Llamas can be used as pack animals for both work and fun, such as wilderness trips. Their wool can be used for spinning and weaving and can be made into felt to create other utilitarian and artistic objects. Llama manure can be burned as fuel or processed into organic compost. The llama herd at Llama Deara Ranch is mostly viewed as pets and assistants in family and individual education and therapy. They are especially attentive guard and herd animals and are very good at protecting their own family, as well as herds of sheep, goats, and other animals, not to mention their human friends.

How the Llama Personality Manifests

Like humans, llamas are social animals. They enjoy each otherís company and the security of the family and herd. They express their pleasure in many ways. Often in the course of a day, during their many happy hours, they will dance, which is an expression of pure joy and love of life that is awesome to behold. Just like humans, they sometimes get annoyed with one another. They express their annoyance by flattening their ears and raising their heads. If the offending llama does not get the message, a spitting match may ensue. Be alert not to get in the line of fire of a spitting llama. Llamas generally donít spit at humans. Llama spitting is similar to the human's raising his or her voice.

Llamas are very curious creatures. You can be absorbed in a book under an apple tree only to look up and notice they have quietly come in from the pasture and encircled you! They will often stride right up to you to observe you more closely. Since they are big animals, this may be a bit unnerving at first. Just remember, llamas are non-aggressive. Talk with them and walk with them gently.

As cute and cuddly as they look, unlike dogs and cats, llamas generally do not like to be touched, let alone hugged or pet. The llamas at Llama Deara Ranch, on the other hand, look forward to interaction with humans, will walk right up to you and kiss your nose, and nuzzle your hand looking for grain! Mutual respect, as in human interactions, is a useful component in communications with llamas.

The Llamas at This Ranch

We have a varied and wondrous herd at Llama Deara Ranch, each one described in his or her splendor below. We recommend that you buy llamas in pairs, although some farm menageries may dictate otherwise. We can talk about this more in person.

April Twilight

Birthdate: 4/20/94, at Crimson Moon Ranch, MT
Blood: Ĺ Chilean, ľ Bolivian, ľ North American
ILR#: 129453
Price: 1200 USD
Description: The boss lady of this herd, a mature, insightful, and noble llama. The other llamas follow her lead. She is the dam of four of the llamas at Llama Deara Ranch. Her cool and collected attitude builds confidence in new owners, and her riveting regard seems to assure you of the right things to do. She is a treats hog, so keep a good amount of corn, oats, and barley on hand!

Easy Riderís Princess

Birthdate: 5/25/98, at Crimson Moon Ranch, MT
Blood: 1/4 Chilean, 1/4 Bolivian, 1/2 North American
ILR#: 208629
Price: 3000 USD
Description: Princess thinks she is the boss lady of this herd. A highly intelligent and commanding llama, with fabulous wool and alluring blue eyes, despite her regal looks and excellent conformation, Princess gets into some comical poses. She is a photogenic llama, quite sure of herself, not caring a bit about appearances, which are invariably striking, where she is involved. Princess focuses and uses her thinking to achieve what she wants. She is the dam of Solntsay and Joseph's Wish.


Birthdate: 12/18/01, at Llama Deara Ranch, NM
Blood: 1/8 Chilean, 3/8 Bolivian, 1/4 Peruvian, 1/4 North American
ILR#: 237097
Price: 1000 USD
Description: Solntsay was born close to Winter Solstice, hence his Russian name meaning the Sun. Solntsay has magnificent, thick coffee-and-charcoal wool and carries himself strongly and confidently. He follows the suit of his mother, Easy Riderís Princess, who can be cautious, curious, and aloof, all at the same time.
     He is a gentle, non-assuming llama, who makes an excellent, riveting guard.

Joseph's Wish

Birthdate: 2/21/04, at Llama Deara Ranch, NM
Blood: 1/4 Chilean, 5/16 Bolivian, 1/8 Peruvian, 5/16 North American
ILR#: 254124
Price: 1500 USD
Description: Wish has the commanding confidence of his mother, Princess, and the sweet personality of his father Lorenzo. His conformation is magnificent.
     All the courage and love that his cousin Joseph brought the world, Wish has inherited. Wish was born the day after Llama Deara's Joseph was buried and is Joseph's wish for the world: courage, love, and forgiveness. Joseph was a premature baby who died after eight days (see article on the Events page).

Titaniumís Lorenzo

Birthdate: 6/3/01, at Llama Deara Ranch, NM
Blood: 1/4 Chilean, 1/4 Peruvian, 3/8 Bolivian, 1/8 North American
ILR#: 233896
Price: 1500 USD
Description: Lorenzo is a magnificent gelding, warm and affectionate in personality, and beautiful in conformation. He is playful, confident, and at peace with himself. His thick wool is dark brown and charcoal, with no other distinguishing markings, but his highly intelligent, tender, and inquisitive face and tall stature. His dam is April Twilight, and before his gelding in April of 2003, he sired the gentle Kwan Yin's Blessing and the magnificent Joseph's Wish.

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