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Terrestrial Guardian Felt

Mythologically, llamas are considered the terrestrial guardians, as dolphins are considered the protectors of the sea. These wondrous camelid creatures have been likened to the unicorn and bring magic and peace to those who have the pleasure of their company.

At Llama Deara we have felted the llama's wool into objets d'art that can be worn. In this way, everyone can experience the tranquillity and whimsical playfulness of the llama even in the big city. The jewelry on this page owes its design to Cecilia Ramos

To Cecilia, "jewelry is not an applique or a decoration, but a spatial element that affects both the wearer and those around her or him. While each piece exudes beauty and style outwards, it is also an extension of one's personal space thus affecting inner movement and feelings. Jewelry is not meant to be worn, but to be lived in."

Contact Llama Deara [email protected] to ask about the felt used in the piece you desire and the hallmark of the llama who provided the wool for the objet. For example, Lorenzo is an outgoing, playful llama and his wool provides a totem for those characteristics in you.



Felt ball and bead necklaces

Cut-out necklaces strung on silk cord



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