Cozy Ranchito: Formula for Romance,
Sustainable Farming, and Professional Community

General Description

Asking Price: $450,000
Location: Medanales, Northern New Mexico
Buildings: Four casitas, office casita, well house; about 3500 sq ft.
Acres: Four.

Llama Deara Ranch covers four acres that extend to the banks of the Chama River, with its spectacular views beyond. The land is graced with a small herd of llamas, vegetable gardens, pastures, and meditation spots. Ranch buildings include three casitas, the live-in studio and conference hall, the office casita, and root and wine cellar.

In addition to its perimeter fencing, the land is cross-fenced for pasture rotation, wildlife preservation, irrigation, orchard, and gardens, with corrals, catch pens, loafing sheds, and hay stalls for animal husbandry.

In the hacienda tradition, the land is terraced, with areas serving specific purposes cascading down from the country road. The residences are concentrated close to the main country road, with the owner’s residence just above the river canal. Below this canal are situated the main corral and barnyard for the animals, the apple orchard, and the pastures, in that order. These functional areas of the property culminate in the bosque, the riparian forest that borders the Chama ("wrestling river").

Possible Uses of Property

Well located close to Los Alamos, Taos, and Santa Fe, this property is suited for a large extended family, Bed and Breakfast, a retreat center, community living, and more, having four fully independent living residences, all with kitchen, bath, and laundry facilities. An additional office casita can be remodeled to create an independent casita, as well.

For prospective buyers with specific professional goals such as healing or treatment, this property might also be adapted to a residential center, for example, for the resolution of trauma or eating disorders, and the development of new lifestyles. The current owner is a marriage and family therapist and has done intensive therapy with clients who have come from out of state and need the convenience of a peaceful place to stay during their journey of healing.

The property is also conducive to agriculture-based businesses, being blessed with fertile soil, water rights, a water harvesting system of collection tanks and a river canal that runs close to the owner's casita. A network of pumps, gates, and plumbing deliver water throughout the property, in the domestic gardens, apple grove, and pastures. The property has been developed along the tenets of permaculture and sustainability.


Front Entrance to Casita de Dueno

Main Kitchen in Casita de Dueno

Casita de Dueno:
The owner’s casita is exquisitely appointed and steeped in history, being over 150 years old.

Sq footage: 950

Heating: Woodstove, water-based wall radiators

Rooms: One bedroom, large country kitchen, lovely living room, and full bath

Flooring: Wood, tile, brick

Woodstove in Casita de Dueno

Front Entrance to Casita Serena

Bedroom in Casita Serena

Casita Serena:

Newer construction and beautiful Santa Fe design enhance its comfort and charm.

Sq footage: 850

Heating: Water-based wall radiators

Rooms: One bedroom, kitchenette, comfy den, and bath

Flooring: Carpet and tile

Bathroom in Casita Serena

Garden in front of Casita de Kwan Yin

Kitchen of Casita de Kwan Yin

Living room of Casita de Kwan Yin

Casita de Kwan Yin:

Northern New Mexican construction, details of Santa Fe design, spacious high ceilings, and wonderful passive solar construction make this casita bright and warm in the winter.

Sq footage: 770

Heating: Forced-air

Rooms: One bedroom, kitchen, living room, and full bath

Flooring: Carpet and tile

Bedroom in Casita de Kwan Yin

Front Entrance to Casita Celestial

Kitchen of Casita Celestial

Casita Celestial:

Renovated in 2002 to be a whimsical artist’s studio, this dwelling has a sleeping loft, new bathroom, kitchenette, and laundry room. It has high ceilings and walls, with North-facing windows for natural light. This room has been painted to emphasize the gifts of the sky.

Sq footage: 660

Heating: Propane, with electric radiator in bathroom

Rooms: One large studio space, kitchenette with full-size refrigerator, lovely sleeping loft, bathroom, and laundry room

Flooring: Wood and tile

Living room in Casita Celestial

Sleeping Loft and Bath in Casita Celestial


Front Entrance to Casita de Llamas

Casita de Llamas:

Rebuilt in 2001, this converted shed, now office casita, enjoys proximity to the main corral and munching spot of the llamas. The high ceilings and warm wood finish and floors make this a perfect spot for ranch paperwork, writing, and the occasional overnight guest. The casita has a bathroom with compost toilet.

Sq footage: 400

Heating: Propane

Rooms: One large room with built in art table and bathroom with compost toilet

Flooring: Wood

Woodwork in Casita de Llamas


Acequia Near Casita de Dueno

Irrigation is provided by the river and a number of rainwater collection tanks situated throughout the upper part of the property. The river supports the centuries-old acequia system of irrigation, whereby a canal that traverses the property delivers water to pastures, orchard, and domestic flower and vegetable gardens. The acequia is generally open 7.5 months a year.

Collection Tank Near Casita de Llamas

Valves and hoses from the rainwater collection tanks also feed the gardens and water troughs of the animals.

Root and Wine Cellar

The well house provides shelving for food storage and root vegetables and bottle racks for your favorite wines and champagnes.

Root Cellar Near Top of Property

Contact Information

Seriously interested parties can contact Hannah-Leigh Bull at 505-685-9416,
or write to, for more information on this versatile property.

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